Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - Episode 4 The Cain Killer - walkthrough

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Cabin by the Lake – Cordelia
Rose Shop
FBI Station
Cabin by the Lake – Erica
Car ride


  • Watch the scenes from previous episodes and intro.
  • Choose any answer you want.
  • Choose any 3 questions. The best result you will get with:
  • - What’s my cover ?
    - What’s Jetta code to pass me information ?
    - Who’s Jetta ?
  • Choose I will do my bests.
  • Enter the building.
  • The correct answers for the questioning.
  • - I am here about gun shipment.
    - He is bluffing. Stick to your story.
    - Look at the cases on the right and read the number. For me it was 100-344, but it can change.
    - Jay send me.
    - Yeah, call him.
    - Ariel
    - Inventory on the shipment
    - Neither. Center drawer.
  • Use Cognition power on the notebook.
  • Choose action Focus on Stelios.

Cabin by the Lake – Cordelia

  • Take the broom
  • Enter the cabin by the most left window.
  • Grab Keith’s hoodie with a broom
  • Search the hoodie and find a key
  • Enter the cabin by main entrance
  • Take car keys from the table.
  • Enter Cognition and use your power on Keith
  • Take wire from the desk. Use it at the TV table.
  • Go out and open the car.
  • Enter Cognition and use your power in the powder (left side)
  • Check it to open hidden locker
  • Take a few doses of the drugs
  • Lift the newspaper and take a gun
  • Enter the house by the window
  • Tie the wire to the cabinet.
  • Use the pistol on Keith.
  • Here is the way of entrusting Keith in you:
  • - I want to try to forgive you Keith.
    - I understand… the need for kill.
    - People like us can still love.
    - I think Max understand…
    - I always preferred you.

Rose Shop

  • Pay close attention to the memories of Rose.
  • Use Cognition on Rose
  • One more time check all of the memories. The missing elements are book, flag, name, artefact and last words or Rose
  • Ask Rose about everything
  • Exit Cognition and check the desk drawer
  • Look at The Alchemy of Happiness. Take out a piece of photo.
  • Look at the cabinet beside Rose.
  • Take another piece of photo.
  • Enter Cognition. Click on 3 items connected with the memory and use your power. Remember the shape of the artefact.
  • Use your mobile phone. Enter Search and choose Religious Imagery.
  • Choose Trang Bang and Cao Dai. Remember the colours and shape of the flag.
  • Enter Cognition and open inventory. Use your power on both pieces of photo. The name is Bailey.
  • Return to Rose memories.
  • The words shouted by her are of course “You can see future!”
  • Choose correct versions in all memories.
  • Ask Rose about everything.
  • Enter Cognition and take a look at the man in the background.

FBI Station

  • Try to use power on the lawyer.
  • Ask about the cabin and choose “I don’t have time for your games”.
  • Push him against the wall.
  • Use the power one more time.
  • Push Holmberg, then run

Cabin by the Lake - Erica

  • Meet with the Cordelia. Use your power at the fragment of the towel.
  • Go down to the basement.
  • Choose I understand.
  • Take a look at round table.
  • Remember what numbers are connected in “current” time – 1,2,3,5,7,8,10
  • As Erica use your power to see the past. Connected numbers – 1,2,3,7,8
  • As Cordelia use your power to see the future. Connected numbers – 1,3,4,7,8,10
  • Numbers seen in all times: 1,3,7,8. As Erica push them.
  • Take the figures and exit the table.
  • Take a look at the sarcophagus.
  • As Cordelia enter Cognition and check all the visions. Remember reactions of Erica in each.
  • - 1 – Any ideas Cordelia?
    - 2 – Really frustrating.
    - 3 – Give up.
    - 4 – Don’t have all night.

  • As Erica put the levers at the positions, where you will say the same words.
  • The correct answer is 2-4-4-3.
  • Take all of items from sarcophagus and return to round table.
  • As Cordelia use powers on every quarter.
  • Having the knowledge from visions put on quarters:
  • - 1 – Bars and Moon Figurine
    - 2 – Spikes Stripe Figurine
    - 3 – Erica Wheel Trap Figurine
    - 4 – Glass Shard Wheel Figurine

  • As Erica enter Cognition and go to inventory
  • Connect with your powers these items to get a vision:
  • – Golden Tooth + Wedding Band
    – Fingernails + Hair
    – Gold Watch + Golden Bracelet
    – Bracelet strips + Graduation ring

  • Now knowing everything put:
  • - 1 – Put Blood buys him time and Iron Maiden Figurine
    - 2 – Put You blood he breath and Coffin Trap Figurine
    - 3 – Put Only Reed Blood and Scott Trap Figurine
    - 4 – Put Your blood will save him and George Siblings Trap

  • As Erica use your power on the figure
  • Go upstairs. As Erica use your power on towel in bathroom
  • Enter bathroom.
  • Take razor, magnifying glass and mug from the shelf.
  • Fill the glass with water.
  • As Cordelia look at the fireplace
  • As Erica extinguish the fire with water from mug
  • Take the figure and look at it through the magnifying glass
  • As Cordelia take a look at photos on fireplace (two times)
  • Take the right picture and cut it with razor
  • Go downstairs and put both figures at the round table
  • Use your power on all figures to get the hologram of fourth

Car ride

  • Look at the window and try to put it down
  • Ask McAdams to do that
  • Try using caltrop on window.
  • Ask McAdams to turn on the radio
  • Use caltrop on window and attack McAdams
  • Talk with him:
  • - I didn’t want it to go down like this.
    - Cordelia
    - You are right.
    - Cain
    - Trust him.


  • Talk to your father and say “Dad, do it, now”
  • Kick Keith
  • Talk with Cordelia:
  • - No Cordelia your brother killed Max
    - He could have… good agent.
    - Listen to conscience.

  • Push lever 2 right.
  • Push button 2.
  • Push lever 1 up.
  • Push button 2.
  • Two times push lever 2 left.
  • Wait for the moment when spikes will fall.
  • Exactly then push lever 2 left. Quickly enter Cognition and use your power at keypad. Quickly push the lever 2 right.
  • One more time wait for spikes to fall,
  • Exactly then push lever 2 left. Quickly enter Cognition and use your power at keypad. Quickly push the lever 2 right.
  • During the fight with Keith hit him on Face, Head, Fist, Toes, Knee, Finish him!
  • Watch the last scenes of Cognition…
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