Blackwell Convergence - walkthrough

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Table of contents:

    Allen Reiken
    Frank Lyons
    The Countess

Allen Reiken

  • Try to open the door. It’s locked.
  • Switch to Joey. Click on the door to go through it.
  • Right click on the shiny object which lies on the floor, near the door. It’s a paperclip.
Blackwell Convergence walkthrough
  • Left click on the paperclip (aka shiny object).
  • Switch to Rosa.
  • Open your inventory, click on the paperclip and use it on the door.
  • Open desk drawers. You’ll find an obituary there.
  • Click on the sheet which covers the middle window. Then click on the ghostly hand behind that window.
  • Switch to Joey and pass through the middle window.
  • Talk to the ghost. When it’s possible, consult your notebook and choose Allen Reiken’s obituary. Go back to the standard dialogue list. Choose Find the silver lining. Ask about what happened. Then talk about Allen’s wife or business. Convince Allen that his wife or a business partner wants to see him. Thanks to that, Mr Reiken will go inside.
  • As Rosa give Allen impolite answer. Otherwise Joey will have to go the ledge and talk to Mr Reiken again.

Frank Lyons

  • As Rosa click on the calendar over the computer. Now you know that Miss Blackwell has an appointment with Nishanthi at the Park Gallery.
Blackwell Convergence walkthrough
  • Turn on the computer, open the web browser and search for Park Gallery to get the address.
  • Leave the apartment and click on the elevator.
  • Choose Park Gallery on the map.
  • Talk to Nishanthi and use every topic. The old lady will introduce Monique who will give you her business card.
  • Talk to Josie about everything.
  • Click on stairs. When Nishanthi calls Rosa, decide to stay or leave.
  • You will wake up in another dimension. Click on the portal and observe the conversation.
  • At home, open the inventory and right click on Monique’s card to get new address.
  • Exit your apartment.
  • Go to Cubestar Films.
  • Talk to Monique Stahlman and use every topic. A new location will be added to the map.
  • Leave Monique’s office and go to the Gothic Bridge.
  • Switch to Joey.
Blackwell Convergence walkthrough
  • Talk to the ghost of Frank Lyons about everything (including the clues from the notebook). He will mention a place called The Minetta.
  • Switch to Rosa and go home.
  • Click on the computer and search for Minetta to update the map.
  • Exit your apartment. Choose Minetta Tavern on the map.
  • Talk to the bartender. He doesn’t know Frank Lyons.
  • Go to Cubestar Films.
  • Ask Monique about Frank Lyons’ heart attack (it’s the topic from your notes). A new clue appears in the notebook (Frank’s apartment). Ask about Frank’s apartment several times, but you won’t get his address.
  • Go to the Gothic Bridge.
  • Switch to Joey.
  • Talk to Frank. Try to ask about his apartment. Unfortunately, Mr Lyons doesn’t trust you. Ask about Minetta to get the name of Joe Gould. Choose Joe Gould Fund from the notebook, but you won’t acquire any useful information.
  • Switch to Miss Blackwell and go home.
  • It’s time for doing web research. Type Joe Gould Fund in the browser.
  • After turning off your computer, you will hear a thunder.
  • Leave Rosa’s apartment and go to Cubestar Films.
Blackwell Convergence walkthrough
  • Frank’s cat Ilsa has decided to go inside because of the rain. Switch to Joey and click on the animal. When Mr Mallone starts playing with Ilsa, switch to Rosangela and click on the cat again to get Frank’s address.
  • A new location has appeared on the map (Frank Lyons). Go there.
  • Switch to Joey and pass through Frank’s door.
  • Right click on papers which lie on the table. Read the text. It’s a film script.
  • Click on the door to exit the apartment.
  • When Joey and Rosa stop talking, switch to Miss Blackwell and click on the elevator.
  • Go to the Gothic Bridge.
  • Talk to Frank as Rosa. He thinks you’re an actress and you’re making a movie. Choose dialogue options which correspond to the script. Rosangela plays the role of Yvonne. Don’t worry if you don’t remember the text - it’s available in the inventory. When you make a mistake, you may consult the script and restart the conversation. Attention! The dialogue options don’t look the same as the script’s lines. You have to choose the following options: Ask how he knew, Tell him he’s dead, You aren’t going, Repeat yourself and Tom.
Blackwell Convergence walkthrough
  • As Rosa talk to Frank again and watch the cutscenes.

The Countess

  • At home, Joey will talk to Rosa about the Countess.
  • When you wake up at the Minetta Tavern, click on the big portrait on the right.
  • A new day has come. Go to the Park Gallery.
  • Joey will show you the Countess’ portrait. When you start looking at the painting closely, right click on the woman and the lighthouse.
  • Talk to Josie. Use every topic from the standard dialogue list and the notebook.
  • Go to the Minetta Tavern. You’ll meet Claude there. Talk to him about everything.
  • Visit Cubestar Films. Ask twice about Frank Lyons and Meltzer Foundation (topics from the notebook).
  • Go home. Click on the computer and search for Meltzer Foundation. A new location will be added to the map.
  • Go to the Meltzer Foundation. Talk to Paul about everything.
Blackwell Convergence walkthrough
  • When the game asks you to stay or leave, choose the first option. Joey will stay and eavesdrop on two men. As Mr Mallone click on the strange device near Paul’s desk to disturb internet connection. Then move away from the router to restore the connection. After that, Paul will ask Charles for the password: Tennis53.
  • Click on the door to exit.
  • Go home. Open the inventory and right click on Meltzer business card to read it. Now you know Paul’s e-mail address:
  • Click on the computer and on email icon. Enter login (paulm) and password (tennis53). Read Paul’s messages. When you finish reading, turn off your computer. Joey will tell you to visit the Park Gallery.
  • Exit your apartment and go to the gallery.
  • Talk to Claude about the Countess and the Dark Lady. Then talk about understanding art. Thanks to that, Claude will ask you to give your opinion about a painting. You’ll have to choose the correct answer (The hard lines in this painting are really provocative. ). Claude will show you another paintings. You’ll have to talk to him again and choose the following answers: Does this painting represent darkness in shadow? and Why is one side so colorful and the other so dark?). If you give incorrect answer, the artist will restart his “test”.
Blackwell Convergence walkthrough
  • When you answer correctly, Claude will exit. Follow him by clicking on the fire exit.
  • Talk to Claude. Use every topic and watch the cutscenes.
  • Leave your apartment.
  • Choose Roosevelt Island on the map.
  • Near the lighthouse, you will meet an old man drinking coffee. As Rosa try to talk to him, but he isn’t very talkative.
  • Switch to Joey.
  • Left click on the old man’s mug. A new clue appears in Rosa’s notebook (Gold Tech).
Blackwell Convergence walkthrough
  • Switch to Rosa and go home.
  • Click on the computer and type Gold Tech in the browser. You’ll get information concerning the death of John Goldwater. Furthermore, you will guess that the old man from Roosevelt Island is John’s father.
  • Visit Roosevelt Island again and talk to the old man. When you ask about John, he will tell you that he suspects the rival company (Lazarus Technology) of his son’s death.
  • Go home.
  • Do web research. Type Lazarus Technology.
  • Now you have to call Lazarus Technology. So click on the phone which lies on the desk, next to the computer. Then choose press 1 to get general information about the company. You will discover a connection between Lazarus Technology and Meltzer Foundation.
  • Visit the Park Gallery and talk to Josie about everything.
  • Go to Meltzer Foundation.
  • Talk to Paul about the Park Gallery’s success and the death of two men. Then choose Lazarus Technology from the notebook. When you close your notes, ask about Lazarus Technology’s success.
  • Let Joey stay and eavesdrop. You will hear the name of Scooter.
  • Go home. Click on the computer and on email icon. You have to check Charles Meltzer’s mail (login: charlesm, password: scooter).
  • When Joey fights the Countess, exit your apartment and hide in the trash room.
Blackwell Convergence walkthrough
  • When Joey and the Countess pass through Nishanthi’s door, return to your apartment.
  • Take auntie Lauren’s photo hanging above the TV.
  • Show Lauren’s picture to the Countess.
  • Talk to Madeline about everything.
  • Click on the door to enter the strange bar.
  • Talk to Joe Gould. Use every topic. When Joe shows you his essays and you start looking at the text closely, click on the paperclip to take this object.
  • Talk to Joseph Mitchell about everything. He will give you a cigarette if Joe exits the room.
  • Click on the left door. It’s locked, so use the paperclip to open it.
  • You are in the kitchen. Open the center oven to discover a shining ball.
Blackwell Convergence walkthrough
  • Click on the center oven again. Rosa will talk to the ball. When she finishes the discussion, Joe will enter the kitchen.
  • Go to Joseph and tell him that Mr Gould is in another room. Mr Mitchell will give you a cigarette pack.
  • Return to the kitchen and give the cigarette pack to Joe. Ask Mr Gould about a cigarette. You will get one lit cigarette.
  • Use the cigarette on the center oven to obtain a glowing cigarette.
  • Leave the bar.
  • When you’re at home, exit Rosa’s apartment and go to Meltzer Foundation.
  • After talking to Paul, Joey and Rosa will go to the roof. They’ll find the Countess and Charles there.
  • Give the glowing cigarette to the Countess.
  • When the mad ghost and Rosa’s friend start fighting, take Joey’s tie from the floor.
Blackwell Convergence walkthrough
  • When the Countess raises her hand, use Joey’s tie on the woman. After catching the ghost, switch to Joey, click on the Countess and watch the ending.

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