Blackwell Unbound - walkthrough

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This walkthrough contains steps required to complete Blackwell Unbound and some additional activities. During the game you may work on both cases at the same time, so you don’t have to do all things in such order as I have described.

Table of contents:

    In the search of new tasks
    The ghost saxophonist
    The ghost woman on the construction site

In the search of new tasks

  • Switch to Joey.
  • Talk to Lauren.
  • When the main characters stop talking and Lauren finishes a cigarette, switch to Miss Blackwell.
  • Open the inventory and look closely at the case list.
  • Click on the last two cases (possible case #1, possible case #2).
  • Go to the living room. Take a camera from the table and a dictaphone from the couch.
  • In the right section of the room, you may look at the photo on the wall and the rainy day jar below the photo. Lauren doesn’t take money from the jar and she decides to save it for later.
  • Take a picture of Joey to unlock the first bonus photograph.
  • Leave the apartment.
Blackwell Unbound walkthrough

The ghost saxophonist

  • Choose Roosevelt Island Promenade on the map.
  • Switch to Joey and talk to the ghost saxophonist. Unfortunately, he ignores us.
  • Click on the saxophone to attract the ghost’s attention.
  • Talk to the musician. He mentions the name of Johnny Ivory’s.
  • Switch to Lauren.
  • If you want to unlock the second bonus photograph, take a picture of the ghost saxophonist.
  • Leave this place and go home.
  • Click on the phonebook and type Johnny Ivory’s.
  • Try to call the jazz club, but the line is busy.
  • Exit the apartment and choose Johnny Ivory’s.
Blackwell Unbound walkthrough
  • Take a picture of the piano player to unlock the third bonus photograph.
  • Click on the photos behind the pianist.
  • When you start looking closely at one of the photos, click on every person from this picture and on the plaque below. Clicking on the sax player updates Lauren’s notebook. As for the name from the plaque (Jambalaya Records), it will be useful soon.
  • Switch to Joey and click on the sheet music. A new clue appears in your notebook (Cecil Sharpe).
  • Switch to Miss Blackwell and talk to the musician. Use every topic (including the clues from the notebook ). Talk about the photo twice, because the second time, Lauren will ask for the copy of this photo. Ask twice about the ghost on the promenade.
  • Cecil hasn’t given us the photo, so use your camera to take a photo of the picture on the wall. Now you have your own copy.
  • Go back to Lauren’s apartment.
  • The phone rings. Answer and listen to Lauren’s brother.
  • Type Jambalaya Records in the phonebook to get a new address.
  • You may try to call Jambalaya Records, but the line is busy.
  • Go to Jambalaya Records.
  • Open the door and go inside.
Blackwell Unbound walkthrough
  • Take a picture of Dwayne to get the fourth bonus photograph.
  • Talk to Dwayne about everything.
  • Show him the photo from Johnny Ivory’s. Dwayne says it’s a band called The C Sharps.
  • Open your notebook and combine Cecil Sharpe with C Sharps. You may also try to combine the new clue with ghost on the promenade, but it doesn’t update the notebook. Lauren just says that the saxophonist had to be a band member.
  • Talk to Dwayne again. Choose topics from your notebook. Click on C Sharps and Cecil Sharpe and you will learn that Cecil was the band leader. Ask about the ghost on the promenade, but Dwayne doesn’t know the name of the sax player.
  • Go to Johnny Ivory’s.
  • Talk to Cecil. Choose C Sharps and Cecil Sharpe from the notebook. Then ask about the ghost on the promenade. Now you have some information about a reporter from the New Yorker and the name of the saxophonist (Isaac Brown). Ask about them.
  • Go home.
  • Search for New Yorker in the phonebook.
  • Call The New Yorker. The reporter you are looking for is Joseph Mitchell.
  • If you want, you may call Jack (Lauren’s brother).
  • Leave your home and go to The New Yorker.
Blackwell Unbound walkthrough
  • Talk to Joseph Mitchell. First of all, choose topics from the standard dialogue list. Next, open the notebook. Ask about the reporter and Isaac Brown. Use the second topic (Isaac Brown) several times. Eventually Mitchell refuses to give more information, but now you know that Brown had a sister. Choose Isaac Brown’s sister from the notebook, but you won’t get any new information. After closing the notebook, ask for the article about Isaac and use the next topics which appear on the screen.
  • Go to Johnny Ivory’s.
  • Ask Cecil about Isaac’s sister. Sharpe becomes angry.
  • Switch to Joey and click on Cecil. The ghost will say something important about the pianist.
  • Switch to Lauren.
  • Talk to Cecil. Choose talk about love and press the point. Continue to ask about Isaac’s sister until Cecil stops saying new things. Ask about Isaac several times. In the end, you will know that brother and sister had a special melody.
  • Talk to Cecil again. Ask about the duet. Thanks to that, the pianist starts playing the song which Isaac used to perform with his sister. When you ask Cecil for playing the duet again, use the dictaphone on the piano to record the melody.
  • Go to the promenade.
  • Talk to the strange old woman.
  • Use the dictaphone on Isaac to play the recorded melody.
  • Talk to Isaac and observe conversations which end the saxophonist’s case.

The ghost woman at the construction site

  • Switch to Joey and talk to Lauren.
  • Switch to Lauren, exit the apartment and choose 53rd and Lex.
  • Switch to Joey in front of closed construction site.
  • Go through the gate.
  • Talk to the ghost woman, but you can’t communicate with her now. The woman refuses your presence, because she doesn’t hear you knocking on the door.
  • Click on the gate and chat with Lauren.
  • Ask Lauren for help. Tell her to knock at the gate door. When you start the conversation with the ghost woman, use various topics. Unfortunately, you won’t get any useful information.
  • Pass through the trailer door.
Blackwell Unbound walkthrough
  • Inside the trailer, right click on the Seagram Realty’s poster. Joey will make a comment about it.
  • Right click on a letter which lies on the desk, near the lamp. Now you can read it.
  • When you start looking closely at the letter, left click on the date, the first paragraph, the second one and the signature (Harriet Sherman). Joey will make a comment about every part of the message.
  • Exit the trailer.
  • Click on the gate and pass through it.
  • Switch to Lauren and go to your apartment.
  • Type Harriet Sherman in the phonebook.
  • Call Harriet. Say that you’re from Seagram Realty. Now you have Harriet’s address.
  • Before you leave your home, click on the rainy day jar near the door. Lauren will take money from the jar.
  • Exit the apartment and choose Harriet Sherman’s home.
  • Once Lauren gives money to Harriet, use every topic. Remember that you have to click on clues from the notebook several times. Thanks to that, you will get new information. When you continue to ask about the ghost at the construction site, a new clue (Mavis Wilcox) will appear in your notebook. Ask about Mavis several times until Harriet stops giving new information. After closing the notebook, ask about Mavis’ things. The old lady will let you take an envelope from the counter (Miss Blackwell will take it automatically).
  • Finish the conversation and go to Lauren’s apartment.
  • Open the inventory and right click on the envelope from Harriet. Read the letter. Notice the name of Joseph Mitchell. As for the photo, click on Mavis, the kid and the inscription on the boy’s sweatshirt (Columbia).
Blackwell Unbound walkthrough
  • Leave your home.
  • Go to The New Yorker. Ask Joseph Mitchell about the Countess and Mavis Wilcox. Continue to interrogate him until he hasn’t any new information. After closing the notebook, ask for the article about Mavis and finish the dialogue.
  • Go to the construction site.
  • Switch to Joey and go through the gate.
  • Talk to Mavis. Question her further and say that you are her son. Now you know the name of the boy (Sam) and you may choose new questions. Use every topic from the standard dialogue list and the notebook. In the end, you will know the name of Sam’s father (John Durkin).
  • Go back to Lauren.
  • Switch to Miss Blackwell and go home.
  • Open the notebook and combine Sam with John Durkin. You will get a new clue (Sam Durkin).
  • Search for Sam Durkin in the phonebook, but you won’t find him.
  • Click on the phonebook again and type Columbia.
  • Call Columbia University and ask about Sam Durkin.
  • When Sam asks for the apartment’s number, type 3D.
  • Talk to Sam about everything. He says that he gave Mavis a present. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to say what it was exactly.
  • Go to Joseph Mitchell. Ask about John, Sam and the present. The last topic is the most important. Now you know that Sam gave her mother Alice in Wonderland.
  • Go to the construction site, switch to Joey and pass through the gate.
Blackwell Unbound walkthrough
  • Start talking to Mavis. Ask for the gift. Then say that it’s the book. When the woman can’t find the present, try to tell Mavis she’s dead. Comfort her and encourage to search for the book. Thanks to that, you will take Mavis outside the gate and finish her case.


  • Switch to Joey and talk to Lauren about everything. When you be asked about the connection between both cases, choose Joseph Mitchell. And when Joey asks about the medium’s work, choose free spirits.
  • Switch to Lauren and go to The New Yorker.
  • Talk to Joseph. Use every topic. When you ask for the Countess, continue to interrogate the reporter. Eventually he threatens us with writing the article about Miss Blackwell. Let him write the text about Lauren.
  • Go to Lauren’s apartment. Switch to Joey and talk to Miss Blackwell.
  • When you hear somebody knocking on the door, switch to Lauren and open the door.
  • After the conversation, the Countess attacks Lauren. Open your inventory, take the lit cigarette and use it on the mad woman.
  • When you are switched to Joey, move back slowly to the balcony. Talk to the Countess after each step. She will follow Mr Mallone then. If the distance between Joey and the Countess is too big or if the woman go past the ghost, you will have to restart the whole action.
  • When Joey is behind the balcony and the Countess near the barrier, Lauren regains consciousness. Go to the balcony, click on the old woman and watch the ending.

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